• Have you decided to sell your products on Amazon, Germany? Good choice!
  • is the second-largest Amazon market in the US.
  • The overall German online market is growing every year.

The German online market also has its specifics: 

  • If a German customer does not like your product, the customer will return the product
  • German buyers are especially interested in your rating
  • The market is concerned with detail a lot. So prepare your tutorials and be ready for a lot of questions when your labels lack information on more information.
  • We recommend accessing with the help of an experienced partner.


Opening and setting up an account on Amazon

Creating products in corresponding categories

Translations of products and texts necessary for the correct functioning of your account


14 business days from the complete delivery of required documents and payment of the invoice

Entry documents for opening an Amazon account

Preparation of documents based on Amazon requirements

Completion of documents for the corresponding category

Upload assets and communicate with Amazon

Additional Amazon requirements

Set up Amazon account administration

Setting communication channels

Transport, return settings

Set up bank accounts and VAT

Brand Registry (if you have a registered brand)

Creating a Brand on Amazon

Create a Store within an account

Store settings


Name, description and keyword strategies

Creating products in corresponding categories

Vital Info