5 most common mistakes when selling on Amazon


Becoming a successful Amazon retailer is not an easy task. The platform itself doesn't make it any easier, as it's riddled with a multitude of rules. Those are not always understandable, and because of that, lots of retailers still make the same mistakes. Today, we'll have a look at the 5 most common mistakes.

1. Linking or maintaining multiple accounts

A large portion of retailers still believe, that Amazon permits having multiple accounts. Unfortunately, that is not so and in case, you can only have one Amazon account for every VAT number.

2. Haste in setting up an account

Beginner retailers have only one thing on their mind, and that is the vision of profit from selling their products to a broader market. Most of them are therefore too hasty and often make so many mistakes when setting up their accounts, that they may even have their Amazon account blocked. If you're unsure, of how to go about with Amazon, you can use this free e-book.

3. Shortcomings in terms of law

One of the most common mistakes made by Amazon retailers is their lack of knowledge of the law, which varies based on where you sell your products. Every retailer should therefore realize, that selling goods abroad is subject to different rules and laws than those that we are used to.

4. Wrong product description

Already when adding a product, you can make dozens of mistakes, which will take several hours to fix. That is because selling on Amazon is subject to strict and firmly set rules, which you must adhere to, whether you like it or not. For example, you should avoid adding a discount to the product description or not exceed 200 characters. amz Guide can help you with all of this with its free e-book.

5. Insufficient user support

Amazon prides itself also on its high-quality user support, which you should bear in mind. Even here there are certain rules in place which you must adhere to. You are required to answer customer inquiries within 24 hours, even during weekends or bank holidays.