Amazon Prime Day: what is it and who can participate?


Amazon has grown over the years into a leader among e-commerce companies. Nearly 200 million customers shop on its platform every month. The company tries to reward them with various promotions and benefits. One of them is the popular Amazon Prime Day, which allows its customers to buy selected goods at an unprecedented discount.

The popular event will take place this July

After the success of previous years, the popular discount event will be held again this year. After announcing its financial results, e-commerce leader Amazon has announced that it plans to hold Amazon Prime Day in July. He didn't specify the exact date, so it's anyone's guess as to which day it will be.

However, since 2015, the event has been held on two days, on Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday, during which members of the Amazon Prime loyalty program can take advantage of special discounts. The fact that Amazon Prime Day is really popular is confirmed by the numbers. According to them, in 2021, customers made $11 billion worth of purchases during the event. This exceeded the earnings of stores during the worldwide Cyber Monday.

Only Amazon Prime members get discounts

As the name of the event suggests, only Amazon Prime loyalty program members can participate. For those, there are premium discounts on a wide range of items from technology to textiles. Amazon is also thinking of non-members, offering at least token discounts during the event.

So if you really want to save, you'll need to sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription, which isn't free. The monthly fee is currently set at $15 - while you can also take advantage of the annual subscription of $140. Still, there's a way you can take advantage of the discount without paying a penny extra. Like other services, Amazon offers a free 30-day subscription that you can cancel at any time.